Your Home Base for Adventure

Every home has a heart — the Clubhouse is ours. It’s a space for members to gather, relax around the fire, reminisce on adventures over drinks and tell stories around the dinner table. With cozy fireplaces, sweeping Teton views and elegant dining, members feel immediately at home among familiar faces and friendly staff. No matter where daily adventures lead, at the end of the day the Clubhouse is where members retire to nourish body and soul, and raise a toast to another day well-played.

Golden Days of Summer

There’s truth in the saying that the sky is bigger out west. At no time is this more evident than during Summer in Jackson Hole, when the days stretch on and on, allowing for as much fun as possible and encouraging you to soak in each precious moment. For members, summer days are made for catching a snake river cutthroat on the perfect cast, relaxing at the pool, watching the sun set over the front 9, and the fulfillment of ending each day knowing it was well spent. And when the day is over, summer nights are made for gathering around a crackling fire with friends and family, sharing stories and laughs as the full brilliance of the milky way appears in the night sky. Here, the perfect summer not only exists, it calls you to live every day to the fullest.

Winter Snow Days

There’s something about waking up on a cold winter morning in Wyoming to feet of fresh, pure powder that stirs up the same childhood joy of waking up to a day free from life’s normal obligations - a snow day. The Club at 3 Creek has all the makings of a perfect snow day. Members can choose between making powder turns at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, speeding across The Club’s miles of nordic track or competing in a family game of ice hockey on our skating rink. And when rosy cheeks and cold fingers indicate it’s time for a break, there’s nothing like cozying up by the fire with a drink to warm the soul. At The Club at 3 Creek, an entire winter wonderland of beauty and adventure awaits.

The Color of Fall

As the long days of summer slowly begin to fade The Club at 3 Creek welcomes the slower pace of life that arrives with Fall’s cooler evenings and turning leaves. It’s the time of year for members to enjoy the pursuits of a waning summer in peaceful solitude, exploring empty hiking trails, discovering new fishing spots and seeing multitudes of wildlife. Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks take on a completely new beauty with splashes of golden Aspen stands adorning the hills and the sound of bugling elk echoing as day turns to dusk. During this special time of year, it’s impossible to resist falling in love with the wild nature of Jackson Hole all over again.

A New Spring

Spring has arrived in Jackson Hole when the deep winter snow banks slowly start to melt away and the valley comes alive with new and awakening wildlife. With the arrival of spring, members begin the season enjoying sunny spring ski runs practically to themselves and then as the days get warmer dust off the fly rods and golf clubs in preparation for a summer full of activity. It’s the time of year when the the promise of a perfect summer is just around the corner, each day holds the opportunity for adventure and everything feels new.

Club at 3 Creek Heritage

Dating back to the wild west days of Jackson Hole, The Club at 3 Creek sits on property that was originally a farming ranch owned by prominent locals Effie WIlson and Earl Simpson before it passed to the Frew family. The ranch quickly became recognized as a fisher’s paradise due to the three trout streams running through the property, and the nickname 3 Creek Ranch became the final moniker for this storied property. The Club at 3 Creek was founded on this location in 2002, where the legacy of western family values and world-class trout fishing will live on for generations to come.

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